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don't know. so i'm just going to start off wi with, first of all, let me tell you this. my outlook of the third division was sent to new zealand for three or four months. we had a great time and met a family that i still think of at this day. and one thing in new zealand i'm going to tell you about because it relates to later on. one of the things we did was go on night hikes in single file through the cow pastures, making believe we held the japanese who might land on the coast. and every time we get to a gate, our captain barrett, would turn around and say, pass the word, last man close the gate. by the time this was whispered through 200 men, you can just imagine what came out at the end. but that was sort of a pass word we always used as a gag from there on in. so, anyway, later on we fought in bogenville. that was not really a bloody battle, but it was very scary. and i spent eight weeks as a first scout on patrol every day. we would take a five-man patrol out and just make sure the japanese kept -- the whole idea was to set up a perimeter, i would say has been ten miles deep
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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